The Afghan Whigs’ in their third album Congregation are closing with an unlisted track named “Miles Iz Ded”, written and recorded on the day of Miles Davis’s death on September 28, 1991.

Wherever You Go, hidden track from Beach House’s album Bloom, released May 15 of 2012 on Sub Pop. It plays after just under seven minutes of silence so listen again Bloom lp if you have missed it…

NIN’s song Physical Off of the Broken EP 98th hidden track Halo 5 (1992) is a cover of Adam and the Ants original song from group’s 1980 release Kings of the Wild Frontier .

Hidden track off the UNKLE album War Stories, titled ‘Tired of Sleeping’ was immediately after When Things Explode.

The mostly acoustic “Poor Song”, which appears after the similarly downbeat “Modern Romance”, is the hidden little diamond that is closing the amazing lp Fever to Tell‘s of Yeah Yeah Yeahs.

Released on 1993 AIDS benefit compilation No Alternative included Sappy of Nirvana as a secret track as the band weren’t even listed on the compilation. Initially known as Verse Chorus Verse, when an abandoned Nirvana song with the same title was discovered, this became known – and later released on the band’s retrospective box set of rarities – as Sappy.

Black Market Blood is Placebo’s secret track that is closing Black Market Music lp. A hidden melancholic anthem.

The Real Song For The Deaf, from Queens of the Stone Age, is a hidden pre-gap track before track 1 in their third studio album, Songs For The Deaf.
To make this track, they rubbed balloons against the mics to make a frequency that deaf people can feel!

In order to hear ‘Me, White Noise’ on Blur’s ‘Think Tank’ album, you had to rewind from the start of track one. Dafinetely their most dark song ever…

Hidden track or commercial suicide? Although Eels having had their biggest hit in years with the breezy surf pop of ‘Mr E’s Beautiful Blues’, a week later they bunged it unlisted onto 2000’s ‘Daisies Of The Galaxy’ album as the secret track.

France is stashed at the very end of the Libertines second, self-titled album after the final official track, What Became Of The Likely Lads.

The Clash – Train In Vain was added to the classic London Calling album at the very last minute – so last minute, in fact, that the initial pressings didn’t even list the track on the sleeve!

Classy Plastic Lumber by Modest Mouse, on Sad Sappy Sucker LP, is unique as most hidden tracks are at the end of an album, this one is the fourth track.

Songs For The Deaf album of Queens Of The Stone Age has three secret tracks. At the end there’s the second hidden track, Feel Good Haha Of The Summer, which starts at 5:45. This is followed by the 14th track titled Mosquito Song. A great ballad.

The hidden final track on R.E.M.’s 1988 ‘Green,’ was unlisted on the back sleeve, the song is copyrighted under the title ’11,’ but it goes by simply ‘Untitled’ in the iTunes Store. Michael Stipe once told: “At the time it was really cool to have unlisted, ‘hidden’ tracks for the fans, and that was ours,”. “It’s untitled because we just pretended like it didn’t exist.”

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