Hunting high &… LOW

May 20, 2024
Hunting high &... LOW

The blind saw, the deaf heard, the mute spoke… They still run through my mind the moments from the surprising appearance of LOW in a half-full KPSN field on 27/06/19.Having in their luggage one of the best LPs of the past year, dressing it up with an emotionally charged set of their earlier work, they managed to put together post alternative with shoegaze, blues with ambient, in an avant garde appearance supported sound and visual excellence from the production of KPSN.
It was a shocking experience to listen to Dancing and Blood live, while from the most strong moments of the set list were the performances of No Comprende, Especially Me, Last Snowstorm of the Year, Always Up, Fly, Do You Know How to Waltz. Low, for those who did not attend, managed to communicate with their music beyond language and lyrics with the public and generously offer a spiritual upliftment, which is not an easy case.

BsideRiff - 2019