Kurt Cobain : The Last Rock Legend

On this day 54 years ago, Kurt Cobain, the leader of Nirvana, the band that changed modern music history by making alternative rock popular across the world, was born. Even nowdays, a lot of us still wonder what it would have been likeevolve the musical soundscape if he managed to overcome his demons and
continued to create.

By his suicide, he spread sadness to millions of fans of the band across the globe. Without exaggeration, millions of fans since NEVERMIND sold out over 30 million copies, displacing from the top at the time released LPs from Michael Jackson, Madonna, Prince, U2, Depeche Mode.

He managed to express the frustration and anger of Generation X, to rally a large mass that was looking for its identity and to be perceived by many people
that there were others with their own anxieties and perceptions and indeed they were and many.

Kurt Cobain became star without even trying, having an anti-star attitude and always remaining authentic, managed to write his name in capital letters next to the rest of the damn Rock Legends, being the last of the great Alternative Rock leaders that time has not managed to wear down. For his few doubters the jaw-dropping answer came with MTV Unplugged, where his performance in The Man Who Sold the World overshadowed even his own
David Bowie.

The tribute will close with one of the best video clips ever made, as well with the song that Kurt Cobain wanted not just to be IN UTERO, but to
gives its title to the album. Finally, I hate myself and i wanna die, was hidden track on the Beavis and Butt-head Experience compilation.

BsideRiff - 2019