The past Thursday Scott McCLoud of Girls Against Boys & Soulside presented a brilliant set of songs from Paramount Styles recent project in Closer Bar of Athens. Covers and stories from the punk and underground scene of Dischord Records, Washington DC, such as Bad Brains, Government Issue, Rites of Spring, Fugazi, Beefeater, Soulside, GVSB, Misfits, Replacements and many more composed a unique unplagged experience.
After a rainy day finally I reached to Closer Bar in good weather at 22.00 . Outside was sitting Scott with Hannah Moorhead and enjoying their beers. I was very glad that we had a brief conversation, about Girls VS Boys lives in RODON & GAGARIN, their intentions to play again in Greece, about how much he enjoys everytime he visits out country. He also told me that on the road from Exarheia to Closer, a lost dog with muzzle had followed them and it was now inside. He promised a long interview in near future and he was glad about Soulside’s last LP recognition as he remembered that it was in 20 BEST LP of 2022 for BSIDERIFF.COM . Meanwhile some of Girla VS Boys fans arrived with their last lp “You Can’t Fight What You Can’t See” in their hands and kindly asked from Scott to sign the cover. I remembered that i had in my pocket the same cd too and then it was my turn.
At 23:00 Scott took his guitar and in one hour and half told us stories from his youth and the tours all around the world, with the most characteristic the one with a Greek ex-girlfriend who loved him so much that once advised him:”Scott you better die when you’ll be famous”. Between his stories Scott proved us how great guitarist is and that he is still in great sape at his vocals. The unplugged set with covers from all the groups that influenced him was great and the unexpected entry of a flower seller who changed all the time the price of his flowers was the highlight of the event.
Thanks Closer for this great event and thanks Scott for the small conversation and the great performance. Your show was good for my soul!

Race you til tomorrow
Come to NY
All eyes
Big Takeover – bad brains
I don’t wanna hear it- minor threat
Drunx, Whores and MZK People
Small man, big mouth- minor threat
For Want Of…. Rites of Spring
Fred‘s Song – Beefeater
Horror Business-Misfits
Hold Me Tight
Make it to Forever
The Girls of Prague
Amsterdam Again
Someone Else’s Playground

BsideRiff - 2019