Beautiful James,

It was February it was cold, and I was high, walking alone on the streets of the city of 9 gates and I was looking not for heroin but for Ritchie Sacramento to give me a hope because the darkness that you fear will destroy us. I found him in the Beachland Ballroom. “Here Comes Comus!” he said. “I need you, our side has to win“, I told to him. “Now I am working for the Knife but i am always together with you but my body is a glasshouse my friend, so for help go to Saul and when you hear track X ride one of his white horses and run away, unless if you want to die happily among complicated illusions.Then take his white elephant…”
Now is almost the end of the year and it is cold and I am still high.

20.Limiñanas / Garnier – Saul

19.Black Country, New Road – ‘Track X’

18.Godspeed You! Black Emperor – OUR SIDE HAS TO WIN (for D.H.

17.Thurston Moore ft. Bobby Gillespie – Heroin

16.Perry Farrell – City Of 9 Gates

15.Arab Strap – Here Comes Comus!

14.Beachy Head – Destroy Us

13.The Chemical Brothers – The Darkness That You Fear

12.Manic Street Preachers – Complicated Illusions

11.Mitski – Working for the Knife

10.NickCave – White Elephant

9.Mogwai – Ritchie Sacramento

8.Spiritualized – Always Together With You

7.GLASVEGAS · My Body Is A Glasshouse

6. A Place to Bury Strangers – I Need You

5.Placebo – Beautiful James

4.Low – White Horses


2.IDLES – MTT 420 RR

1.FRITZ – Die Happily

BsideRiff - 2019