During the holidays period of the strangest year of the modern era, bsideriff challenges you to choose the scariest character from the heroes of David Lynch. Bsideriff presents the 4 most characteristic bad guys from the filmography of the great director and invites you to vote through the bsideriff music group the one who visits you most often in your nightmares …

Bobby Peru (Willem Dafoe)-Wild At Heart

Wild At Heart is one of David Lynch’s most straightforward stories. It follows two rebels, Sailor Ripley and Lula Pace Fortune, as they go on the run from hitmen hired by Lula’s unhinged mother. The most disconcerting thing about the film, however, is Bobby Peru, a gangster who befriends Sailor in order to murder him. Played with aplomb by perennial creepy guy Willem Dafoe, Peru is sleazy, treacherous,and downright disturbing. Willem Dafoe put on the costume, put on those teeth, grew a little mustache, put on a little accent, and an ironic smile and create an image that will stay with you long after the credits finish rolling.

The Cowboy (Monty Montgomery) – Mulholland Drive
Mulholland Drive ,the riddle-film of David Lynch and for a lot of people the best movie of all the times, gathers plenty of weird and creepy aspects but the most unnerving is the Cowboy, a pale, eyebrowless man who dresses like an extra in a cheap Western and speaks in a soft yet authoritative voice while looks you straight in the eyes with his frozen gaze and his blank face.

Frank Booth (Dennis Hopper) – Blue Velvet
The man behind the darkness of idyllic town of Lumberton ,at Blue Velvet film, is Frank Booth, a gas-huffing, profane crime boss who kidnaps, murders, and God knows what else. Dennis Hopper loses himself in Frank, so that character and actor are indistinguishable. His mood is changing from one moment to another, he becames violent, sad, threatening, conquerable, jealous, without an obvious reason. You can never predict his next reaction.

The Mystery Man (Robert Blake) – Lost Highway
Lost Highway has an oppressive and unsettling atmosphere, but things really kick up a gear when Fred is approached by a strange man at a party. The mystery man is almost a mythical figure in Lost Highway, appearing at key points to aid various characters. His ironic gaze and his loud hoarse laughter in combination with his Mephistopheles style composed one of the creepiest movie characters of all time. The spookiest thing of the movie is the choice of Robert Blake for the role of mystery man, since he had been accused for the murder of his second wife Bonnie Lee Bakley. Lost Highway is a surreal film about the jealousy that eats the vitals and leads to murder and paranoia…

Bsideriff is asking your help in order to decide becouse 2 of them are pretty close…

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