In 2000 Primal Scream had the whole music world at their feet, after the huge success of XTRMNTR lp. All were waiting with great expectations their next LP, which finally costed a lot of to band’s reputation and Primal Scream faced the danger to stay without contract.
In XTRMNTR they dared to criticize the hegemonic behavior of the USA and at their next lp Evil Heat, Primal Scream were determined to increase their criticize against USA foreign policies by performing live in Shinjuku Liquid Room 8.17.2001 the song Bomb The Pentagon.
But exactly 25 days after this live they had to change the chorous and to replace song’s title too with Rise due to the tragic atmosphere after 9/11 terrorist attack by the Islamic al-Qaeda against United States on the morning of Tuesday, September 11 of 2001.
Suddenly Primal Scream found themselves in a very embarrasing situation with the West World press to blame them for their lyrics.Primal Scream have spoken of the numbness they feel , realising the bad timing of Bomb the Pentagon performance and being shocked and dethroned they had to change the title and the chorus to Rise and finally managed to confirm a deal with Epic although it seemed that the album might didn’t see the light of day in the USΑ.

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