THE STROKES ‘The New Abnormal’ or Life is too short But I will live for you

THE STROKES with ‘The New Abnormal’ is coming to save the global mental health, to open a light crevice to the
Dark Age that all humanity experiences. Open your window on a sunny day and put your headphones, close your eyes
and just let Julian and his mates to take you on a walk to the streets of N.Y. , to meet an old friend by chance
and to have a pleasant talk, to smile to a nice girl that your eyes met, to take a cold coffee and full of confidence
this time to send to her the sms in order to have a date, to walk and to feel happy without any obvious reason, feel
happy only by moving among the crowd and feeling the sun to heat your face.
The New Abnormal is the fullest album of their career and one of the most beautiful pure indie rock albums of recent
years.The most songs are without reffren, they start with a main guitar motif and the next moment a different guitar
riff comes to one ear and suddenly is coming and one more different guitar riff to the other ear and without to realise
the song ends with a different music motif. Pixies, Sonic Youth, Suicide, Talking Heads, Psychedelic Furs, Yo La Tengo,
Velvet Underground, Tom Petty and many more coexist harmoniously in the music mosaic of ‘The New Abnormal’.
Casablancas voice at his best, full of confidance he is singing other times apologetically, other times confessionally,
other times courageously but always cool and rebellious, a lot of songs could be great even if he was singing them
while walking down to the crowded roads with the hands in his pockets.
The song that sums up the whole LP is the great “Ode To The Mets” while the only song with a normal form and with a
dark atmoshpere is the first single and one of the best songs of 2020, ‘At the Door’.

If this LP was a painting it would be a Basquiat’s creation. That’s why the amazing Cover of ‘The New Abnormal’
features the 1981 painting Bird on Money by American artist Jean-Michel Basquiat.
Some big music sites gave poor reviews to an LP piece of pure Art. The only excuse for these reviews is that
The New Abnormal’s form is ahead of its era. But Strokes are sure for their music:”I’m not scared, just don’t care
I’m not listening, you hear?” All of these songs are so beautiful and this record is a masterpiece!!! And a lot of us
to the near future are going to tell to our children that once upon a time world was falling apart, then Julian said:
“Drums please, Fab”, and everything went right.

“Life is too short
But I will live for you”

BsideRiff - 2019