The quarantine period seems to have contributed to the sharp increase in the number of members of our group on FB,Bsideriff MusicGroup. This development has resulted in the fact that among the members of the group were artists, mainly members of alternative bands.We found the time to discover their music and their work and in several cases we discovered that we had in our group members from important bands of the past, which are usually sporadically still active.BsideRiff will help you discover them and get to know their work, and will try to do interviews with those who agree to submit to the taugh questions of the new section of the site INTO THE MERCY SEAT.
But let’s leave the quotes and move on to the quarantine acquaintances from Greece and abroad:

Moonshine Effect was created in 2015 in Athens and their sound is Indie / dream pop with folk influences,English lyrics and female vocals. The hearings from their first LP “Our eyes should meet” of 2018 are extremely atmospheric with very good production. Here we reveal to you that the bassist of the band Pinto de Lima, we hope to be the first to accept sitting at INTO THE MERCY SEAT by Bsideriff .

Let’s go to the next new member of Bsideriff MusicGroup, the Belgian Peter Vercauteren, who was introduced to us through the EBM music he creates since he is the founder and singer of the band PRO PATRIA ,which had made a sensation in the late ’90s but the bankruptcy of their record company combined with disagreements over the band’s musical direction led to their dissolution. About 20 years later we have the decision of Peter Vercauteren to return to musical things, taking PRO PATRIA out of their inactivity, releasing the LP “Executioner” in 2019, showing that he has regained his form for good.

What about a surprising musical trip to distant and beloved Argentina and to Ariel Sima, a member of the band Farmacia who brought us in contact with the electronic, dark wave Spanish sound of their latest LP, “La sangre del soly la luna coagulada “. Listen to the whole (Spotify) and believe me it will pleasantly surprise you !!!

We go back to Greece and in cases where for years we may meet someone sporadically and not know that in addition to an ordinary profession, a musician and even a member of the most important group of domestic psychedelic music may be hiding. We are talking about the drummer of the legendary Purple Overdose and later No Man’s Land , who nowadays works through the Chris Silver T aka NOS Project and the netlabel he manages. Dark, atmospheric, experimental jazz, ideal for David Lynch’s soundtrack, where the influences from the Boards of Canada are evident in several creations. Don’t be afraid to enter his universe:


Next musician is Bonesy known as Horns of Pan who turns the effects of voice, guitar, percussion and kaoss pad into smooth, thick beats and harmonious rhythms. Even playing in the streets, he adapts famous songs to ethereal atmospheric sounds playing only yangqin. The outdoor performance of Lullubay of Cure surprised us !!!

Neu Neon is a global new band, formed in February 2020 by frontman and guitarist Neon Blue and Neon Green on Synths, and bass as well as Neon Red on headset and electronic drum. Their influences are Post punk, darkwave and the first single they shared in our group is really dynamite.

One of the most important voices of the English-speaking independent scene, the former singer of Common Sense makes us the honor to be at Bsideriff MusicGroup and we don’t hide from you that we would like to do soon a conversation with her because our questions about how such a voice, which was fortunate to have chosen the independent scene and not the digestible art music, has remained unexploited. Below we refresh the memory of the older ones and bring the younger ones in contact with a piece of music of Common Sense and we present you one of her rare appearances in last year’s concert of the singer of Mission Wayne Hussey.

Halo Effect is an Italian electronic band founded in 2001 in Rome and their music covers a wide range of genres, such as Synth-pop, Darkwave, Future-pop, Ebm, New Wave. They were introduced to us with the video clip of Love is Black from their latest LP “SHOUT”.
They deserve your attention.
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Sd-apfR55jc&amp ;feature=youtu.be&fbclid=IwAR1Tm82BSrL-KmMs_z4it5KdHSSNd-UKsoR-o-hnF44mOOcSMGQrPAhm

The Strawberry Pills – Verbal Suicide track exploded like an atomic bomb last year. For 2020, the atomic bomb that unexpectedly shook BsideRiff is none other than Robert Christgau of Head On . A piece of dynamite that Black Angels would surely envy. Enjoy it.

The illustration that accompanies this article is by the award-winning artist Vassilis Papatsarouchas, who without a second thought shared it with the rest of Bsideriff MusicGroup members and also for 30 days his creations, inspired by the unprecedented quarantine situation that we all experience, hosted to Bsideriff MusicGroup and we thank him warmly for the honor he did us.

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