FILMS WITH ALTERNATIVE O.S.T. quarantine days 7: SubUrbia (1996)

BsideRiff every day is going to suggest a movie with alternative o.s.t. as a solution to
Quarantined Generation:

DAY 7 . SubUrbia (1996)
A group of acerbic, angst-ridden twenty-somethings hang out at a local convenience store complaining the night away, until a visit by a rock star who went to school with them causes them all to re-examine their lives.
SubUrbia is a 1996 American comedy-drama film written by Eric Bogosian, and directed by Richard Linklater.
Starring Parker Posey, Giovanni Ribisi, Steve Zahn, Jayce Bartok. Actually the O.S.T of the movie is greater than the rating movia due to giants of American alternative music Sonic Youth and Thurston Moore, Girls Against Boys, Butthole Surfers, Beck, Elastica & Stephen Malkmus, U.N.K.L.E., The Flaming Lips.
Below a few videoclips and the entire movie on youtube.


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